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    5 Most Common Questions About Commercial Renovations

    5 Most Common Questions About Commercial Renovations

    Commercial renovations are a massive job and the contractor you choose can end up shaping the success and end-result of your reno. That’s why you should have plenty of questions for your chosen contractor, even if you’re experienced with commercial renovations. Here are the top five most commonly asked questions concerning this type of renovation.

    This is easily one of the most commonly asked questions for contractors. Unfortunately, the answer is often scheduling that ends up being either unreliable or overambitious. This means poor planning that naturally results in massively inflated costs, rushed and shoddy work, and constantly re-adjusted completion dates that can throw your business into chaos.

    The best contractors will actually sit down and pre-plan as much as possible, complete with estimated completion times for every stage of the renovation, including a decent time budget to ensure everything’s done right.

    It’s natural to ask about costs when it comes to commercial renovations, but the best answers should always come from careful planning, realism, and feasibility.

    As with any massive project, there will always be unseen obstacles that can result in fluctuating costs from a variety of factors like material arrival, staffing, or system problems. Many contractors recommend establishing a predetermined fixed cost; if your contractor is good, they’ll do everything in their power to stick to that budget or reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

    While many offices and commercial spaces try to work during renovations to reduce downtime and reputable contractors can help with setting up appropriate schedules, this can be dependent on the type of renovation in question.

    If access to only a part of the building is needed, it’s likely that work will barely be affected aside from the extra noise and maybe dust. However, anything larger may require investigation into alternative spaces away from the excess noise and distraction. Pop-up and collaborative workspaces can serve as great choices.

    For most things, you do need a permit. Your contractor will be able to help with any necessary permit applications. Make sure to consult your town concerning what you’ll need and that these permits need to be both approved and displayed prior to any construction.

    While some contractors can also double as designers and can offer design services that help cut out the middleman, more often than not most contractors will sub-contract the designs out. Alternatively, you may have to find your own separate designer and work with them separately.

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